For Nigerians, another neighbouring country you have to visit is Cameroon. It is a country filled with history, culture and natural attractions.

Ever wondered what Cameroon has in store for you? Here are a few attractions among the many that you should definitely not miss.

1. Ekom-Nkam Falls

Seen Greystoke? These majestic twin falls made their Hollywood debut in the 1984 Tarzan movie. You can find the waterfalls in the jungle of Nkongsamba to recreate your own King Of The Jungle scene.

2. Bimbia Slave Port

Many other countries have their "Door of No Return" just like the one in Badagry, Nigeria. Though now in ruins, Bimbia Slave Port was where the slaves said their final goodbyes before they were shipped off on the Atlantic ocean.

3. Bafut Palace

This is the home of the Bafut royal family. The key attraction is the spiritual festivities that occur in the village, like the Abin festival which has held since 1516,

4. Waza National Park

A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, this park houses and protects lions, cheetahs, gazelles, elephants, hyenas, amongst others in the Sahel and savanna vegetation.

5. Limbe Botanic Gardens and wildlife centre

The Limbe Wildlife Centre is a conservation centre that protects different species of reptiles, gorillas, baboons, parrots, and many other animals from hunters and pet-traders. The Limbe Botanic Gardens is one of the oldest gardens in Africa and was established in 1892. It houses over 30,000 plant specimens.

6. Monument De La Reunification

This monument was built to commemorate the union between British Southern Cameroons and French Cameroon. If ever you're in the area, do take a signature tourist selfie beside the monument!

7. Bamenda Handicraft Cooperative

What's an African destination without a tourist market? You can buy masks, musical instruments, bags, decorations and household items made by the Northwestern people.

8. Foumban Palace

Cameroon sure knows how to preserve their history. The Foumban Palace is home of one of Cameroon’s oldest kingdoms. It is the home of the Sultan of the region and has a cultural museum.

9. Lake Nyos

Ever heard of the Lake Nyos disaster of 1986? Lake Nyos erupted Carbondioxide in northwestern Cameroon killing 1,746 people and 3,500 livestock on August 21. You can go visit the crater lake and see for yourself.

10. Korup National Park

There are many national parks, zoos and reserves in Cameroon. One of them is the Korup National Park. It has a rich forest with different species of wild animals and birds accessible by an interesting suspension bridge over the Mana river.