Kenya may be renowned for its wild safari which attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year but it's capital city, Nairobi doesn't quite have the best reputation in the world.

Following a survey that was conducted by Reputation Institute, Nairobi emerged as one of these least reputable cities in the world, landing on the 98th spot between Moscow, Russia and Bogota, Colombia.

Over 19,000 residents of G8 countries - France, Germany, Italy, UK, Japan, US, Canada and Russia were surveyed for the 2015 City RepTrak study, and survey respondents were asked to rate the world's 101 best cities based on their levels of trust, esteem, admiration and respect.

United States cities were significantly missing from the top spot of the list, while European cities held sway.

Meanwhile, cities that landed on the least reputable spot include Baghdad and Tehran both in Iraq and Mexico City.

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Here are the 10 least reputable cities in the world:

101. Baghdad, Iraq

100. Tehran, Iran

99. Moscow, Russia

98. Nairobi, Kenya

97. Bogota, Colombia

96. Mexico City, Mexico

95. Cairo, Egypt

94. Kiev, Ukraine

93. Caracas, Venezuela

92. Tel Aviv, Israel