Some way, some how, every Nigerian can relate to eating at least one of these foods.

No need to form, you've probably had one of these.

1. Indomie

Indomie has been saving lives since forever. Noodles is one of the fastest meal to make, which makes it easy for just anyone to cook, including those who cannot cook up a nice meal. Try this Indomie Stir-fry recipe.

2. Concoction rice

Concoction rice, or Native Jollof rice, is usually made differently from the regular Jollof rice and it is a meal every Nigerian has had once in their lifetime. The main ingredients are rice and palm oil, every other thing is secondary.

3. Watery beans and bread

Most times, they form a group (say all the boys in a room), cook and eat the beans together. Very delicious meal!

4. Garri and groundnut

Garri and Groundnut (sometimes milk) is the ultimate. Just a small quantity is enough to give a belly full for the day/night ahead.

5. Bread and Coke/Fanta

People say it's labourer's food but you've done this. Don't lie.

What other food combinations have saved you once in your life? Share your food adventures!