The female cabin crew of British carrier, British Airways have won the fight to wear trousers on board flights.

The win for the crew union, Unite, comes after a 2-year dispute which saw a dress code imposed on new recruits who have joined the company since 2012.

The dress code imposes a ban on wearing trousers except on medical or religious grounds, although said code did not apply to established crew of either sex.

According to The Guardian UK,  BA was “joining the 21st century” by making the change, even as Unite said 83% of its members at the airline wanted the option of wearing trousers for warmth and protection.

Reacting to the win, Unite regional officer Matt Smith said “not only is the choice to wear trousers a victory for equality it is also a victory for common sense and testament to the organising campaign of our members. Female cabin crew no longer have to shiver in the cold, wet and snow of wintery climates, but also can be afforded the protection of trousers at destinations where there is a risk of malaria or the Zika virus.”