Asante people and the mystery behind their Golden stool

November 30th 2022, 10:31:50 am

The Asante empire was a West African state that now occupies present-day South central Ghana and adjacent areas of Togo.

Golden stool of the Asante

The empire lasted from 1701- 1901. Asante means ‘because of war .’It was a word derived from the Twi language, a subgroup of the Akan, and Asante can also be spelt as the Ashanti. They had good leadership, military prowess, a good economy and strong spiritual strength, which helped them build a formidable empire.

In the 18th century, the Asante King, Asantehene, called Osei Tutu and his spiritual adviser, Okomfo Anokye, established the Asante empire by unifying the kingdoms into a big empire. Osei Tutu built a big territory and strong military strength for the Asante.

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Osei Tutu created the mysterious Golden stool as a symbol of unity for them. It was believed that the Golden stool was conjured for them from heaven. It was also believed that the Golden stool represented all the ancestors of the Asante. The people of Asante have so much belief in the Golden stool.

Osei Tutu created a constitution and a cultural festival called the Odwira, symbolising the empire's unification. The Asante kingdom has a rich history of bravery and courage in culture, traditions, customs, and art.

The Asante participated in the slave trade, and their major product was gold for other luxurious items. Their source of income and solid economy were built on this. They also grew plantain, yams, bananas and coco yams for export.

Osei Tutu built an army so strong that they fought with several neighbouring kingdoms and lesser groups and won. They defeated Denkira.

The Asante people defeated the British army in their attempt at Invasion in the first two wars, and the British found out that their source of power was their Golden stool. In the end, they were defeated by the British, who exiled the Asantehene and subjugated them under the Gold Coast in 1902.

Oluwatumininu Dunmade
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