Designing your walls doesnt mean you have to go out of your way.

Not only art galleries sell amazing artworks in Lagos. You can deck your walls without denting your pocket simply by going to this other places.

1. The beach

Every artwork I have ever owned were gotten from the beach.

From tiny little sculptures to life size drawings, the beach is your go to place for something cheap and exotic.

2. Lagos traffic

Never underestimate the power of traffic in Lagos. (I almost hired a laundry man while stuck in traffic. Sounds crazy right?)

When stuck in traffic, vendors hawk paintings or sculptures to eager art collectors for a very reasonable price.

3. Art galleries

So many art galleries in Lagos to buy stuff from. You can even work with a budget.

Tip: The smaller the gallery, the cheaper the art works.

(Not every time N1million painting, sometimes N200,000 painting is fine.)

4. Exhibitions

Don't turn down those exhibition invites. Not only might you meet the love of your life there, you are most likely to find fascinating art works made by skilled artisans.

Break the bank and go for an art exhibition today. So many treasures to discover.

5. Pop-up sales

Nothing as vibrant and youthful as a pop-up sale. Great music, food, amazing crowd and fantastic works of arts too!