For the artist of the week, we go behind the curtains to speak to celebrated digital artist Sir Duks.

You will recognise his artwork on Olamide's Motigbana single, or most of Nonso Amadi's cover art. We speak to Duks about what inspires him and how he turned out to be an artist.

When did you discover your love for art?

Long time ago when i was 5, 6, there was this comic book store 4 blocks from my mum's house in Ikeja. I was inspired by Batman "If i can't be Batman, i'll draw Batman."

How did you nurture and develop your art? Were you classically taught?

[I was] mostly self taught. I went to art college, Ringling college of art and design 2008 in Florida. I was there for Computer animation with state of the art equipment. The fees were too much so i had to transfer. I went to CCAD Ohio, slightly underwhelming. When i left though, i realized i wasn't really a Disney boy. That's what growth does to you -- When you discover yourself. I realized I'm more of a down-to-earth guy, i like to tell the truth.

How old were you when you came back to Nigeria?

I'm 27 now, turning 28 this year. This was six years ago, so, [I was] 22.

How would you describe your approach to design, or let's say, a piece of work? What's your process?

My process is the most organic thing ever. First and foremost, i am a rebel so it has to be very organic. Let's say DBanj hits me up and says he wants this and this, i'll hit him back and say when can we see? I need to look you in your eyes to know what you are. Keyword: What you are. Because everybody has energies, and if i can't copy and paste your energy unto my canvas then i'm not doing my work. So, if i can't see you, you need to send me something, i need some form of energy, like a song, video, snippet or something. Send me something i can use to learn about your energy and duplicate it as something else.

Efe Oraka Tonight cover art designed by SirDuksalot [Twitter/sirduksalot]
Efe Oraka Tonight cover art designed by SirDuksalot [Twitter/sirduksalot]

Have you ever come across somebody whose energy is unreadable/difficult to understand where they're coming from?

No, never. I am like an oracle.

Who/what has been the biggest single influence on your journey of creating?

Music has been a major inspiration for me, in my creative process and for my person. I have a whole bunch of people who I admire. e.g Tech N9ne the rapper, Chamillionaire. It's not even about how they rap or sing or anything, I could just see a little bit of myself inside them whenever they spoke. These musicians/rappers are very true to themselves whenever they're creating music so they inspire me to be more than I am.

If you want to see more of his work, follow Duks on Instagram at @sirduksalot.