Nigerian art is benefiting from a growing interest from the outside world. With more visitors comes a greater appreciation for the history, traditions and culture of a country and that interest trickles down to the art world.

U.S based artists such as Victor Ehikhamenor, Peju Alatise and Olu NYC are receiving increased amounts of attention from art fans. But its Kehinde Wiley's, unveiled earlier this year at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. that has seen the interest in Nigerian art explode with artists enjoying the spotlight from the international art community.

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2018 will also see the third edition of the Art X Lagos, a highly awaited event that yet again puts Nigerian art at the forefront of contemporary culture in Africa.

Visit art galleries in Nigeria

Investing in Nigerian art now means buyers will be able to ride on this international wave and sell their works for a decent profit or hold on to pieces by artists with reputations for their own collections.

On your next trip to Nigeria, be sure to check out the galleries of Lagos and elsewhere. You’ll be able to see top works at the Nike Art Gallery, Omenka Gallery, Red Door Gallery, Rele Gallery, Mydrim Gallery e.t.c . Those on a tighter budget should look to buy original works at the Lekki Arts Market and the smaller workshops and galleries dotted around Lagos city.

There is no better time to start investing in Nigerian art than now.