Most people never think of doors as artsy or beautiful.

Doors are often thought of only as a means of entering and exiting a house or a room. Doors are not often given a second thought and we definitely don't think of them as beautiful.

Most times we just want our doors to be strong, solid, functional and secure. However, some doors are so intricately designed that they are works of art in their own right.


Some doors are beautiful, magnificent and stunning and here are 10 of such amazing doors:

1. In Barcelona, Spain:

The splash of colours could have you standing in admiration at the threshold all day.

2.  From Yongle, Sechuan Province, China:

This door looks like it is hiding tons of ancient wisdom and history.

3. In Lisbon, Portugal:

Walking through this door must feel like walking through an enchanted door in a fairytale.

4. In Paris, France:

This graffiti covered door is so beautiful, you almost don't notice it is designed with graffiti.

5. From Rabat, Morocco:

This intricately painted door might as well be hanging on a wall as a painting, except that it is hanging on hinges as a door.

6. From Pamiers, France:

This beautiful door nestled in this arch looks like something out of a fantasy movie.

7. In Jodhpur, India:

This brightly coloured door and the wall around it are so beautiful to look at.

8. From Algarve, Portugal:

With this splash of colours, this door could actually be mistaken for a life size painting.

9. From Tudela, Spain:

This door looks like a portal to somewhere magical.

10. From Old City, Jerusalem:

One could actually be so engrossed in the beauty of this entrance that he'd forget to go in.