Nigerian foods that can increase red blood cells

These foods are rich in Iron and vitamins needed to beat anaemia and increase hemoglobin levels.

Anaemia: Nigerian foods that can increase red blood cells

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Local African meals are heavy laden with carbohydrate and continuous consumption could result in Anaemia.

These Nigerian foods can help increase red blood cells.

A state in which the body cells are deprived of their energy supply because of low number of red blood cells which carry food and oxygen to the cells, is known as Anaemia. It is casually referred to as a loss of blood. Iron, Vitamin B12 and Folic acid deficiencies could be the reason for the low blood cells.

Iron is needed in small quantities in the body because its main function is to supply blood, increase blood flow and aid blood cell metabolism.

These meals are rich in Iron to combat anaemia.

Banana is rich in Iron and blood boosting contents. It also contains many vitamins and minerals which aid digestion.

Unripe plantain is very healthy and contains a high amount of iron which supplies instant blood to the body.

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Okra is rich in iron for blood production and blood level increase while also aiding digestion and metabolism.

Fish is very rich in protein and iron and is highly recommended for those who have lost blood due to childbirth, blood donation, stress, menstruation, etc.

Bitter leaf helps to boost red blood cells and cure other ailments like hypertension, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, etc.


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