As one of the most populous cities in Africa, it is expected that driving and transport would be hectic. Heres a guide to entering public transport in Lagos.

Lagos is the world's third most stressful city to live in, and worse for people who are navigating public transport. You need to know the tips and tricks so you can do it even more smoothly.

1. Don't be a JJC

When you're walking into a bus park or bus stop, look like you know where you are going to, if not you'll make yourself vulnerable to thieves. Even if you don't know where you're going to, discretely ask someone for directions. In the bus, tell the driver the bus stop you want to stop at and keep your ears and eyes peeled.

2. Enter with your change

This is what every conductor shouts, but do we listen? However, if you don't want any trouble, it's better to just enter with your loose change or the exact amount for the bus.

3. Be firm but don't fight with the conductor

In the bus, there are many people who would try to antagonize you for no reason. One, for instance, might be the conductor. Change, busstop, seating arrangements, etc, are points of call whenever a fight wants to break out. If this happens, just be firm in your responses but try not to aggravate the fights. These conductors can be very dangerous, or can just tell you to come down from the bus.

4. Don't doze off

Dozing off in a bus can either make you miss your busstop or worse, make you vulnerable to thieves and pickpockets. Try not to sleep off, unless you're assured that your valuables are safe and you're getting off at the last busstop.

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5. Don't intervene in arrests

Usually, the recklessness of Lagos drivers usually gets them stopped by law enforcement officials such as LASTMA (Lagos State Traffic Management Authority). If this happens, unless you have the right rank to intervene, just stay quietly in the car or come down and board another vehicle.