A baby girl or boss babe; which are you?

June 24th 2022, 4:58:36 pm

Are you a baby girl or a boss babe? Lets find out.

A baby girl or boss babe; which are you?

A boss babe is a confident woman who is in charge of her life and doesn't offer any explanations for who she is. She knows what she wants and goes after it. A baby girl, however, is a girl who only wants to be pampered. A young girl enjoys living life and having fun.

Here are some differences between a baby girl and a boss babe:

1) A boss babe is always busy with work, while a baby girl is busy mainly enjoying her life

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As a boss babe, you are always working 24/7, trying to complete a project or task without really having time to enjoy your life because you're always busy with work. A baby girl always enjoys herself before working.

As a baby girl, you don't work nonstop; instead, you spend most of your time enjoying the luxuries of life.

2) A baby girl invests more in sensual looks, while a boss babe focuses more on smart and professional looks

The way they dress is one obvious distinction between a boss babe and a baby girl. A boss girl constantly attempts to dress professionally and present herself stylishly. Every day, she steps out in outfits that scream power!

A baby girl prefers sexier-looking clothing to more formal clothing. Your sense of style when dressing like a baby girl is more focused on a deliberate feminine appearance.

3) A boss babe is constantly mindful of her spending habits, but a baby girl is more carefree.

A boss babe always considers her options before making a purchase. She would rather invest her money in something that would bring more money than spend it on unnecessary things.

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The spending habits of a baby girl don't really matter. She doesn't even mind using her last naira to get whatever would bring her comfort because that's the baby girl's way of life.

4) A boss babe is always eager to multitask, whereas a baby girl prefers to focus on one task at a time.

Because a boss babe loves to complete her work alone, you may often see her juggling three or four tasks at once. A baby girl can only focus on one thing at once and likes to have others help her with her responsibilities rather than perform them all by herself.


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