The time for new year resolutions is approaching and for travellers, more stamps on the passport is a goal. Check out these places that should be explored in 2019.

By now, you should be coming up with your travel bucketlist for 2019, if you don't have one already. We're here to help you with some suggestions.

For Nigerians, these countries are not the first that come up when it comes to tourism, but in the last years, they have become hot luxury tourism spots for people all around the world. As an explorer, who is up for a great relaxing time, you should check them out.

1. Belize

With one foot in the Central American jungles and the other in the Caribbean Sea, pint-sized Belize is packed with islands, adventure and culture. Exploring the caves, snorkelling, fishing, scuba diving, exploring the Caribbean sea and islands, seeing the Maya temples, are just some of the things you can do on this coastal country.

2. Mozambique

Getting to this paradise in southern Africa is not one for the faint-pocketed, but in the end, it turns out to be worth it. You get to eat the Portuguese-influenced cuisine, take a dip in one of the pristine dive sites, get up close and personal with lions, hippos, and elephants at Gorongosa National Park and find out why scientists call it one of the most special and unique parks on earth.

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3. Puebla Mexico

Puebla is a city just two hours from Mexico City and has seen a growth spurt in tourism since the earthquake it suffered in 2017. Its gorgeous architectural scene is as a result of the hundreds of churches in the area. Explore its amazing cuisine and architectures or book a ticket to the Lucha libre wrestling match.

4. Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Argentina itself is a beautiful location to visit. The Buenos Aires province is not to be confused with the capital city with the same name, though. You can take a tour of the forest in an Unimog vehicle, or brush up on your bargaining skills and visit one of the outdoor craft markets. The best part? Just like the signature white walls of Santorini, the pictures you can take on the colourful streets will be insane!

5. Batumi, Georgia

Not to be confused with the Georgia state in America, the nation of Georgia in Europe/Asia is the epitome of a hidden treasure. There are list of visas from 50 countries that are allowed entry into Georgia and visas or permanent residence from the United States and Canada are included. The colourful town of Batumi has become quite popular for international travelers. The illuminated trees at night and the city's casinos have many who visit this lesser-known city, nicknaming it the "Las Vegas of the Black Sea."

6. Great Smoky Mountains, US

The historic Great Smoky Mountains is home to America's most visited national park, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It boasts of the biggest black bear population, and a wide range of plants and animals to enjoy. You can hike, camp, or chase waterfalls. Check out how to maximise your US visa.

7. Xiamen China

Xiamen is a vehicle-free island located on the southeast coast of China. You can try bicycling and skateboarding, explore cool museums and bookstores, try a seafood dish, take a bread baking class, or go on a pub crawl at this beautiful port city.