7 interesting facts about the Igbo culture

September 29th 2022, 4:00:00 pm

Nigeria is arguably one of the many countries in the world with more than a hundred different languages and ethnicities.

Interesting facts about Igbo culture

Nigeria is home to many cultures, with diversity in food, language, customs, etc. This, amongst many other things, makes Nigeria a unique nation.

Among the many cultures housed by Nigeria is the Igbo culture. The Igbos, as they are mostly called, are chiefly people from the southeastern part of Nigeria. They make up the second-largest group of persons in this region, although they may be further categorized into subgroups with fascinating traditions and customs.

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The primary language for people in this region is Igbo, with many dialects. Here are a few interesting facts about Igbo culture and its people:

1. Great entrepreneurial drive

The Igbos are vastly known for their “hustling spirit’’; they are great business people, and this drive gives enough room for success, hard work, and innovations. It is usually rare to find a lazy Igbo man or woman, and their diligence is like second nature for them.

2. Scattered all across the world

The Igbo people are found everywhere in the world. As a result of their “hustling spirit’’ and their drive to succeed, they migrate to other places to either start-up or expand their business.

3. Rich culture and foods

The Igbo culture has many unique customs, festivals, and ways of life. The Igbos hold this in high esteem, this is why wherever they find themselves; their culture and way of life tend to follow them.

Whether it is a seemingly new place or an already existing community, the Igbos always have a way of showcasing their fantastic culture.

4. Mouth watering soups

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This culture houses very palatable and delicious foods, especially soups. These soups have become so popular that it is eaten in other parts of Nigeria that are not predominately home to the Igbos, because of how good they are.

Soups like Oha, Ofe Nsala(White soup), Ofe Onugbu (Bitter leaf), and Banga are stars of any Igbo community.

5. Strong cultural values

The four major values of the Igbo culture are hospitality, family, community, life, and respect for elders. These four values are emphasized throughout every Igbo household.

Although today, these values are constantly being confronted by western civilization and globalization, the average Igbo community still holds these values dear.

6. Love for extended family

In this culture, there is great respect for extended family; this shows high regard for the other members who make up their clan. As a result of this love, the Igbos, with their immediate family at the end of the year, go to the village to celebrate with their extended family.

7. Money lovers

An average Igbo man loves money and wealth, and this is in no way strange, as there are hardworking people who make a living by working legally and smartly.

Oluwatumininu Dunmade
Oluwatumininu Dunmade is a witty writer who loves to engage her readers.


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