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We Outside: 5 things to know if you plan to go to Ilashe Beach

January 12th 2022, 7:41:23 am

Thinking of going to Ilashe beach? There are some things to note.

Some of Pulse Nigeria's staff at Pop Beach

Ilashe beach is at Snake Island along Badagry Creek.

Getting there might be a bit difficult if you are going there by bus.

If not, then all you need is to get a private cab going to the United States embassy in Ikoyi.

Drive to the end of the road, and then you will see a waterside with boats loading at the dock.

The cheapest means of transportation are wooden boats that run on fuel. One major issue you might have is the wooden boats that take you from the shore to the beach if you are scared of the water.

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It is a long ride from the shore to the beach itself. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes, but money solves most problems because there are speed boats and even a mini yacht you can use instead.

Ilashe is a private beach, this means if you are going there it is either with a group of people, preferably a large one to fill the boat easily or it is an event organised by a tour group or event planners.

The pros of going to Ilashe beach is that it is neat and private.

If you go to a public beach, all and sundry will be there.

Personally, the crowd at some of these beaches adds to the experience.

At a public beach, you can see young men with horses beckoning you to ride on them, different vendors with artefacts and souvenirs for you to take home and even food and drinks being sold on the premises.

But if you want your peace, quietness, and safety, then you should try Ilashe beach - but that means you are going with a group or someone that will make it fun for you and not alone.

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There are many great things about Ilashe beach, the cabanas, the condos and resorts if you are spending the night, the volleyball court, and the swimming pool. All these are ingredients for a great party and a great weekend out.

The seclusion means you have to come with food and drinks for yourself and your crew. Plus, there is no place to rush off too. So you have to get enough drinks.

With the right company, your time at Ilashe can be a lot of fun, but it requires a lot of preparation and planning.


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