Check out the places we want to explore in 2019.

1. Belize

With one foot in the Central American jungles and the other in the Caribbean Sea, pint-sized Belize is packed with islands, adventure and culture. Exploring the caves, snorkelling, fishing, scuba diving, exploring the Caribbean sea and islands, seeing the Maya temples, are just some of the things we can do on this coastal country.

2. Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Argentina itself is a beautiful location to visit. The Buenos Aires province is not to be confused with the capital city with the same name, though. First, we'd like a tour of the forest in an Unimog vehicle, or brush up on our bargaining skills and visit one of the outdoor craft markets. The best part? Just like the signature white walls of Santorini, the pictures taken on the colourful streets will be insane!

3. Namibia

Namibia is an exotic paradise, mostly overlooked by Africans. It contains secrets that many are yet to discover. We'd like to head up to Serra Cafema in Kaokoland and boat along the Kunene River (a surreal experience in the heart of the dry, wind-blown landscape), before seeking out desert-adapted elephant in the hills around Haonib Valley Camp. We can't also wait to get a flying safari experience and visit the famous Himba tribe in Namibia. If you are interested, you can go too!

4. The Gambia


In Gambia, we expect to pursue hiking trails, bathe in the sun, explore diverse landmarks and be acquainted with beautiful culture and traditions. Gambia makes for a perfect holiday destination. The country is rich with beaches and is home to many safari camps. It also boasts of rich traditions and culture, tourists can revel in its awesomeness while also enjoying the country’s beautiful landscapes.