5 kinds of meat you should try this year aside from beef and chicken

January 24th 2023, 12:25:42 pm

Are you getting a bit bored with eating beef and chicken all the time?

Snake meat

In a bid to include some protein in our diet, a lot of people add fish and beef to their diet. However, there comes a time where you need something new and if you're in this position, here are five kinds of meat you can try this year:

In Nigeria, bushmeat basically refers to the flesh gotten from any wild animal killed for consumption. This includes antelopes, chimpanzees, porcupines and big rats.

Bush meat is actually a delicacy in most regions and it comes with loads of health benefits such as improving heart health, lowering bad cholesterol and blood pressure. Bush meat can be roasted and eaten with drinks or used to make any soup of your choice.


Another option to add to your diet is seafood. Seafood includes different kinds of fish as well as crustaceans and shellfish. If you have not tried it before, seafood is perfect for the Nigerian soup known as Fisherman soup.

With seafood, you get lots of health benefits such as also improving heart health. Seafood is also beneficial for the brain and eyes.

Pork, the meat obtained from pigs is also another meat you should try this year. Pork is rich in vitamins - Vitamins B6 and B12 as well as omega-6 fatty acids.

Pork is also rich in iron, minerals and great for the muscles. It is, however, important to cook very well before consumption in order to kill any parasites in it.

Snake meat is also another meat you could try this year.

Some people might have their reservations about eating snakes because after all, they are snakes…but snake meat is not only delicious, it is rich in nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, and also has some medicinal benefits.

Dog meat is also another meal you should try if you are getting tired of your regular meat options. With dog meat, you get a meat that can improve your sex life, protect you from certain diseases and in some places, dog meat is used to make protection charms.

How many of these will you try out?

Oghenerume Progress
Although a trained Environmental microbiologist, Progress has learnt the intricacies and mastered the art of writing compelling content, strongly complimented by a nose for news, ethical values and a passion to always deliver.


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