Either way, places like those below tend to give just about everyone, well, the creeps.

1. Takakanonuma Greenland Amusement Park, Japan

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While Japan is known for cool things such as samurai swords and technology, it is also known for terrible things. The country is often the target of terrifying natural disasters, such as massive earthquakes and tsunamis.

Inevitably, the island also has quite a few creepy tales surrounding it. Just one of these is the Takakanonuma Greenland amusement park in Fukushima, which was abandoned in the 1970s after being operational for only two years. Rumour has it that several people lost their lives on the rides. The park reopened in 1986, but it closed down again in 1999. It now lies abandoned in a forest. The spookiest thing about the place, however, is that officially, it never even existed. It’s not listed on maps, and there is no official information to be found about it anywhere.

2. Cinco Saltos, Argentina

The ghosts haunting the town of Cinco Saltos, Rio Negro, Argentina, are said to have their origins in black magic.

Locals say that a baby drowned in the Pellegrini Lake near Bajo Negro (where witchcraft is said to be performed). It is alleged that the ghost of the poor infant still haunts the lake.

Stories of groups of people in black robes performing strange rituals have also made the rounds, while others have reported seeing UFOs in the area. In 2009, the intact corpse of a girl was found inside a cemetery. She had never been buried; her body was simply stuffed into a box and left inside an ossuary back in the 1930s.

3. Mount Everest

A majestic example of nature at its finest, Mount Everest is also the resting place of a lot of climbers who died trying to reach the summit. If you ever have the inclination to climb the mountain, you might just encounter spirits of about 200 other climbers. You’ll definitely encounter the frozen bodies of climbers. One person described the experience of seeing all the bodies on the mountain as like being in a morgue.

4. Quinta Da Juncosa

Quinta da Juncosa in Penafiel, Portugal, is an old farmhouse believed to be haunted by the Baron of Lages. The Baron was suspicious of his wife’s activities and became convinced that she was cheating on him. As a punishment, he decided to tie her to a horse. He then frightened the horse, causing it to drag his wife across the ground, she died of her injuries.

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Tragically, the Baron found out afterwards that his wife did not, in fact, cheat on him. Devastated, he then killed his children and committed suicide. The Baron’s figure is reportedly often seen at Quinta da Juncosa. His guilty conscience keeps him from crossing over to the other side.

5. Hellingly Hospital, Sussex

The East Sussex County Asylum was opened in 1903 as an alternative to the overcrowded Haywards Heat Asylum. It was eventually renamed Hellingly Hospital and became famous for all the wrong reasons, namely the extremely cruel treatment of its patients. They were subjected to painful treatments and suffered several outbreaks of unpleasant diseases because of a lack of basic health and safety rules. The hospital was abandoned in 1994 and soon became the target of ghost hunters both experienced and inexperienced.