This December, people will be travelling alone or with family, to

In order to meet your house in order, just the way you left it, these are the things you need to do before leaving home on vacation.

1. Make a checklist of things needed

When the travel pressure hasn't reached a high, make a list of all you'll be needing during your trip — clothing, toiletries, media, medical, documents and other miscellaneous needs.

2. Make copies of documents

You need to make copies of all the essential documents you'll be needing during your trip. You can also snap and email them to yourself, just in case.

3. Begin packing

Some people wait till the last minute before they start packing. This method makes you forget a lot of stuff. Use your checklist and begin packing on time so you don't forget anything. Also, don't forget to prepare your entertainment i.e. movies, books, etc. Learn the best kept secrets to packing your carry-on like a travel pro

4. Call your bank

If you're travelling out of the country, you might need to call your bank to get the necessary arrangements for an visa card or similar. You also need to inform them you'll be travelling so they can monitor your domestic account.

5. Arrange the house

Wash your sheets, arrange your house and leave a clean house for your return.

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6. Clean the fridge and empty trash

You wouldn't want a putrid smell to be the first thing to welcome when you come back from your vacation. This is why you need to clean out any perishable from your fridge and empty your trash before you leave.

7. Tell a neighbour

Nigerians do not like to tell people they're travelling. However, it is best to tell a neighbour that you'll be away so they can keep an eye on your house, in case of emergencies.

8. Unplug and turn off appliances

Leaving your electronics on or plugged while you're away may leave you to risk of electrical accidents, especially with unreliable power system as we have in Nigeria. You also stand the risks of high bills for something you didn't use. It's better to turn off the mains.

9. Turn off water supply and close the windows

Turn off the main water supply to avoid leaks and unnecessary bills. If you cannot close the mains, turn off all taps to avoid flooding. Close all the windows so rain and dust don't get in.

10. Turn off the stove

This is the final and most important thing to do before you lock your house so you can be sure of doing it. You don't want to travel and be asking yourself, "did i turn the stove off?"