Lagos is takes

Since we've been taught to look for silver linings, here are a few things to engage yourself in to pass the time.

1. Have a mini turn up

Whether it's from the radio or from your playlist, traffic is one time where you can enjoy music and bust some moves, while sitting. You can literally turn your car into a mini club.

2. Call your family members and friends

While in stand-still traffic, you could call your friends and family members who you have been unable to catch up with during work. However, it's against road safety rules to be on the phone while driving, so it's better to put the call on speaker and keep your hands free.

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3. Play catch up

Catch up on your messages, social media, favourite books and movies while you are in traffic, that is, only when you are in stand still.

4. Indulge in the munchies

Vendors take advantage of traffic to hawk various junk food like plantain chips, gala, biscuits, drinks, etc. Why not indulge and purchase some.

5. Engage in traffic shopping

Some people find provisions that they need while in traffic. From shaving sticks to bag of potatoes, you can get anything in Lagos traffic.

6. Observe people and sleep

If you're not watching people to pick up interesting stories, it will be a good time to sleep, especially if you aren't handling the wheel.