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Welcome to another episode of


Both guests explain why and how they follow Loose Talk Podcast. Jess explains the story of her background and how she had to learn about her Nigerian heritage through a two-year sojourn in an Abia boarding school, which led her to fall in love with Nigeria. She ended up coming back for NYSC and she has since been around after permanently moving back in December 2017.

The death of radio

Nigerian radio is being hindered by the limitations of principles or the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation is a problem with Nigerian growth in radio and why podcasting has great potential in Nigeria. AOT, Steve, and the guests delve into the problem with Nigerian radio.

The conversations also delve into how Lagos has wrongly become the center of Nigerian entertainment, and it has limited the scope of artists in relation to album roll-outs and diverse fanbases.

The gang also discuss new albums; Championships by Meek Mill and No Bad Songz by Kizz Daniel.

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Shout-out to Oyedepo

The gang also discussed the incredible infamy around how Bishop David Oyedepo letting bias erode his judgment to foster a false narrative against the President of his own country.

This episode is packed. Enjoy.