People want to squeeze in all the fun they haven't had throughout the year into this short month of December. Use our guide to survive being broke in December.

1. Make a priority list

The priority list will help put things in perspective. First, what exactly do you want to spend the last of your money on in December? Those things can now be placed in order of: what can't you do without, where do you absolutely have to be, etc.

2. Choose your events wisely

A guide to attending large music concerts in Nigeria
A guide to attending large music concerts in Nigeria

You need to learn the art of choosing what social events you can go for. This will be a factor of your budget, importance, distance, etc. This is where your priority list comes in.

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3. Avoid impulsive spending

Avoid last minute expenditure that you didn't plan for. This will take a lot diligence and self-control.

4. Find some activity to do during this time

Most companies/jobs take breaks in December. If you're broke because you're idle, you can find some activity to keep you busy during this time. You can try volunteering, start a creative/craft project or even a sport. This will help distract you from pining for all the events you are missing out on.

5. Travel

Hear us out. Travelling when you're broke doesn't seem to make much sense, but we mean you should go home to your parents, friends, or to a place that has less responsibility than at your house. This trip might not be a vacation of the sort, but it is definitely a getaway from the broke life.

6. Surround yourself with understanding people

The kind of people around you during this period matters a lot. If your friends know and understand that your broke, they will either stay in with you, suggest outings where you don't have to spend money, or even help sponsor you when you are out!