When in town, you have to visit these spots that have people scrambling to take pictures for the gram.

1. Johnny Rockets

Wouldn't you love to take pictures beside this signature jukebox? Johnny Rockets definitely gives your Instagram feed a more aesthetic feel.

2. Riverplate park

Take a walk in the park and find your way to this cute, mysterious building. For aesthetic, this section of Riverplate park made out of used car tyres is an Instagram favourite.

3. National mosque

One of the most popular buildings in Abuja, the Abuja National Mosque is one of the top 50 Most Beautiful Religious Centres in the world. Its famous golden dome and four minarets, which can be seen from miles away, attract tourists from all over the world to capture its beauty. A tour of the mosque is open to the non-Muslims except during prayers.

4. On a mountain top

Due to the many hiking groups in Abuja, hiking has become a very easy thing to do. A trip up and down a mountain can cost you as little as nothing or as much as N1000. This gives you the opportunity to meet amazing people while exercising your muscles and enjoying nature. The pictures you take from the great vantage points will definitely take your followers' breaths away, and will be worth your own loss of breath from the hike.

5. Kayak Abuja

Kayaking in National Stadium is both fun and affordable — one of the few things you can do in Abuja for under 5k. On weekdays, entry into Kayak Abuja is N1000 while during weekends, it's N2000. Many troop there to flex their muscles and take pictures while doing it.