Nigerian musician Tiwa Savage stepped it up in the style stakes as she was front and center for all the important fashion shows at NYFW. The singer, who was busy promoting her latest single, 49-99, was spotted in some eye-catching looks from designers such as Pyer Moss and Maxhosa.

Speaking to Vogue magazine during the trip. Tiwa Savage shares her love for Nigerian designer, Maki Oh, whose show she just watched. "As for the Maki Oh presentation, Savage wouldn’t have missed it for the world. She is a devotee of the brand’s designer, Amaka Osakwe, and is even wearing a piece from one of her older collections, a black and dark blue jumpsuit featuring two very sexy slits running up each leg. Savage has since become one of Maki Oh’s biggest fans. “I love the fact that there’s stuff that I immediately see myself wearing,” she says of Osakwe’s pearly new collection inspired by The Boondocks.”"

Tiwa goes on to share her thoughts on her personal style and how its received in a conservative country such as Nigeria. "She often switches between sporty, comfortable fashion and unapologetically sultry outfits, which makes her a perennial target for Nigeria’s tabloid paparazzi. “I don’t really think about it too much,” she insists of these boundary-pushing looks, which can rustle feathers in relatively conservative Nigeria. “I just want to show that side of me. In the beginning of my career, I got a lot of backlash, but now it doesn’t stop me. I feel like it’s an extension of my art. It’s an extension of me.”"

In a new video her YouTube channel, Tiwa brings us along on her NYFW journey and we get a glimpse into her glamorous life.

Take a look!