Over the years suits have shaken off their corporate reputation and the fashion crowd have re-imagined and reinterpreted them in a variety of ways.

The power suit has been adopted by the fashion crowd as an understated wardrobe staple. We’re not talking clean-cut boardroom blazers and stuffy shoulder pads here. This time round the conservative two-piece is smart, glamorous, androgynous and, most importantly, comfortable.

It’s not just the silhouette that’s changed either, because for office-friendly hues such as navy, grey and black are being binned in favour of brighter tones.

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Think pinks, yellow, violet, red and other show-stopping hues. Like most popular trends this one started on the runway, with everyone from Gucci, Tibi and Michael Kors counterbalancing structured tailoring with saccharine tones to create a more playful approach to smartwear.

A piece that every woman should own, the right suit is no easy feat to find, but luckily there are plenty of high quality options available and if in doubt, make your own. A great tailor will be able to create a suit that hugs you in all the right places.

If you want  to key into this trend, one of the most chic ways to wear yours is to stick to one colour scheme from head to toe for a tidy and pulled together look.

It may be a bold look but hey, fashion is all about taking chances!