The UK based rapper himself, who continually tops the list of best dressed men in the world on GQ amongst other reputable fashion sites, shared who he felt were just as stylish.

His number five pick went to Pharrell Williams, citing that the rapper and designer is always fresh. Another feature on the list was Nigeria’s very own, Wizkid, who also happens to be Tempah’s label mate and friend in the number three spot, as he explained that Wizkid is able to translate that African style.

Finally, he revealed his most stylish musician to be none other than controversial rapper, Kanye west. He defended his decision by saying, he didn’t know that many rappers that worked with Nike and Adidas and get cheques from both.

Other names that made the Nigerian born rapper’s stylish musician list included Future and ASAP Rocky. However, it would have been interesting if the rapper had included himself on his list, after all he is super stylish.

Check out the men who made the list and let us know who your most stylish is.