Back in the '90s, the fanny pack was the ultimate fashion accessory!

A classic fanny pack features stylish (or usually colourful) leather with at least a zipper closure.

The fanny pack used to be the perfect and convenient accessory to keep essentials during the course of the day, it was common sight in the '90s to see students rocking a fanny pack, people wore it for working out and as a touch of 90's style.

The fanny packs were so cool back then but now, it could stimulate some serious stares if you attempt to incorporate into your everyday style.

Celebrities like Kourtney kardashian and Rihanna rock designer fanny pack once in a while but even with those style icons taking on the trend from time to time, we doubt they would make serious fashion comeback, what do you think?

Did you wear this '90s trend? Share your fanny packs styles with us.