Lisa Folawiyo made an impression at the Fashion Week with her statement embellished African print pieces showing off offerings that have constantly attracted rave reviews in international and local press.

Millen Magese opened the show in 2011 with other models filing out in effortless chic offerings from the Nigeria based fashion brand.

The revered designer known to infuse chic embellishment to make statement on prints rolled out stunning designs started quite impressive and had consistently raised the ante with embellishment on prints.

Chic silhouettes, clean lines, sequin, ruffles and more fun/playful, flirty and more details are employed on her elegant designs.

Lisa Folawiyo's pieces have been sported on Solange Knowles, Thandie Newton, Lucy Liu and more Hollywood celebrities. She's gone on to show at major fashion weeks around the world.

Deola Sagoe, Christie Brown, Samantha Cole, Ituen Bassey, Tiffany Amber, Mimi Plange, Bestow Elan and more also showcased at the 2011 Arise Fashion Week.