Blanck Magazine has just released its latest issue and it features a very special family full of designers. Look at how

The founder of popular luxury fashion brand Iconic Invanity, Nancy Nwadire appears on the cover with her two talented daughters, Destiny and Alaniswho are the creative directors behind sister (or rather daughter) brand DNA by Iconic Invanity.

In the feature interview, the fashionable family talk to Blanck about discovering their creative roots, growing a fashion empire and building an enduring style legacy. They also give the exclusive on their upcoming fashion line called Neka Youth, a fast fun fashion fit for the young at heart.

The trio look stylish whilst portraying their own individual personalities clad in pieces from their respective brands,Iconic Invanity, DNA by Iconic Invanityand Neka Youth.

On building a fashion empire:

We all have different target audiences, but the message is the same. Our mission from the beginning was to create meaningful work which revolved around family values, our customers' needs and community empowerment.

In the next five to ten years we intend to become one of the most impactful fashion brands made in Africa by expanding our production and continually creating valuable products which impact lives. We aim to continue growing and evolving with our audiences and intend to continue creating work which inspires clients of all ages, race or religion. So, yes! We are building a fashion empire if we must say so.

Favourite part of being designers:

The best part of being designers is knowing that we are responsible for creating special moments in people's lives. Those moments stay with them forever and to us that is a huge responsibility, one which comes with knowledge, love and an understanding of people and what makes them tick.


Interview & Styling: @fasindi

Photography by:@kolaoshalusi

Hair by:@ayoola@rarelook

Makeup by:@harriotsglam

Graphics Design:@yomadesignstudio