If you’ve ever seen the show, Scandal, and ALL of us have and if you haven’t...one of the first things you notice about Olivia Pope is her shoes and how effortlessly she moves in them.

Kerry Washington also once said that the first thing she does when she's getting into Olivia Pope mode is put on her character’s shoes. This proves one thing, shoes are a very important tool in every woman’s closet. They determine carriage and character.

There should be diversity in the every lady’s shoe collection, so for those who may not be sure what to buy, here are 5 pairs of shoes every lady should have. Remember, you can switch the colors and height from the ones shown here; it’s all about how comfortable you are:

1.) Ballerina flats: You know how you go to those parties looking fly in those heels and after some dancing your feet start to hurt and you just wanna kick off your shoes; that’s where flats come in handy. They are your best friend.

2.) Sneakers: These sorts of shoes are not only for men. Sneakers are great for casual hangouts and also essential for working out. You can get them in subtle colors and designs too.

3.) Sandals: They are a great reinforcement. It’s already bad enough that certain shoes are very high and difficult to walk in but when you have a shoes with a strap that anchors you, it makes it much better and safer.

4.) Loafers: I would call these your wild card. They are trendy shoes that look super cool with slim pants or short flowy dresses. You should get them only after you have the other shoes on this list though.

5.) Pumps: Finally, we come to probably the most essential shoes on the list. These are the traditional work shoes for those who work a white collar job. The pointy toe pumps are sharp and elegant and if they are past 4 feet, they can be worn to social events.

What do you think of the list and which of the shoes are your absolute favorite? Let us know below.