Black pants have been the most dependable piece of clothing for women for the longest time.

In times when laundry wasn’t done, they saved you and in times when you just couldn’t be bothered with what to wear, they served as an anchor but that’s not all they’re good for.

Black pants can actually be quite trendy and fun. They also come in different kinds and each kind serves a purpose, so here are five must have black pants for the ladies:

1.)The weekend pants: It’s usually casual, cut with a slight flare, worn effortlessly with a fitted white tank top or a patterned sweater.

2.)The polished black pant: This is your everyday kind that you find on most women on their way to work. It should be fitted and simple.

3.) The rocker chic pants: This is your night out, short gown replacing pants. They are edgy and sexy and work for evening socials.

4.)The fitness pants: For the ladies who like to get their fitness on, the curve hugging airy pants are your best bet.

5.)The classy pants: Now, for the black tie events, you may immediately think of long glamorous gowns but for the cool edgy girls, you can try black satin pants.

Let us know what you think and which is your favorite type of black pants.