There is something simple yet regal about the swing dress with dipped hem! This style made popular in 2013 seem not to be going anywhere soon. It gets better. The dipped hem has been around for a while but this particular style got us hooked.

For a dress to be considered stylish, it has to be unique, stunning, simple and many more and when its functional as well that is a huge bonus. That is exactly what the swing dress with dipped hem has done whilst giving us life at the moment.

The look was first spotted on Victoria Beckham to the Royal wedding which she donned to elegantly hide her baby bump back then, almost immiediately afterwards, this look became a hit (till now).

What is truly nice about this look is its incredible versatility; the fact that it goes with so many things, It can be paired with pumps, sandals, platforms and many more, it flatters various body shapes and can be worn to all kinds of events, its only crime could be its elegance!

ASOS has the best looks for the swing dress; they come in sleeveless and capsleeves.

We love this look and we keep rocking it till... we get tired of it; which we greatly doubt.