We are hoping to get high on huge and functional fashion trends in 2014 as recorded in the past year as we look forward excitingly to dressing up. We have noticed some trends though, and they seem exciting and practical/functional- the things we love!

Check them out and be sure to add yours to the list.

The Short Kimono Dress.

The kimono dress looks all kinds of classy and functional, the short ones especially. We hope this trend stays because its pretty; we actually don't mind it replacing the skater dress trend. With the kimono dress there are exciting colours, fabric and so on. So it stays, what do you think?

The Pinafore Dress.

The Pinafore is here! We are slowly recalling the 90's fashion, of course we love the pinafore. When styled creatively with crop tops, sequin tops, tie dye and many more it gives off a fab vibe. Don't even get us started on the amazing pumps we will pair them with.

The Statement Mini Skirt.

The skirt makes a statement, that is all!

The High-Low Dress (Dipped hem).

This classy look seem to be created just perfect for us. It is a simple yet absolutely stunning dress. It rocks any event and works with almost all kinds of heels. We love to see it around for a very long time.