Simi Esiri (Lawyer, Stylist and mum of 1):

"Technology has definitely made life easier for me. I keep in touch with my daughter, thanks to technology. I get to see everything – I wasn’t there the first time she crawled but my husband recorded it and I got to see it all on a video. That being said, being addicted to your phone isn’t ideal, it’s all about having a healthy balance."

Arese Ugwu (Finance expert, Mum of 1):

"Yes I do, I think women tend to second-guess themselves a bit more than men and to achieve success in business or life, whether its pitching a business idea, taking control of our money or selling a product we need a healthy amount of confidence, a belief that our dreams and goals are valid and that we have what it takes to make them happen. Plus, I think when you are a mother and or a wife and you’ve decided to have a career as well, you end up juggling much more than a man because, you have to constantly worry about being great at work and being great at home and that’s a difficult balance to find.

We have a great relationship and she is honestly my best friend. I think like any other relationship, the key is good communication. We talk about everything, from her friends, school, food, cartoons, puzzles, party packs… and I try to stay in tune with the things that make her happy and she does the same. Zikora is the most affectionate child. She literally wakes me up with smiles and kisses every day. 8 out of 10 times the first words out of her mouth in the morning are ‘mummy, I love you good morning’. How do you not fall in love with that?"

Lanre DaSilva Ajayi (Designer, Mum of 2):

"It’s certainly is not easy finding a balance as a working woman, but I somehow make it work. With the help of my supportive husband, mum, sisters, and friends, they have made my work more smooth sailing for me to cope with the demanding fashion industry as well as carry out my responsibility as a wife and a mother to my children. I thank God."