The style consultant, enthusiast and blogger shares how to style for TV to look picture perfect talking to the presenter on a low budget, the stylist who hasn't figured out how to style her client for a TV appearance and so on.

While she goes on about myths as wearing black, blue or red style pieces on TV is a 'no no' as one that has fizzled out with time, she comes with refreshing insights having worked as a TV show producer.

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On styling for TV she muses. "Be yourself, wear whatever you feel like wearing" though clarifying there is such a thing as what NOT to wear on TV.

"Television is a visual medium that can give you exposure to thousands, maybe millions of people. So I imagine it's your first time been invited for a TV appearance or TV Interview, you haven't found the ideal outfit and worried you might wear something wrong" Ojong shares as she itemizes why there's really no strict rule for styling for TV.

She goes on to say for TV appearances it's best for the outfit not to be too loud or distracting to take away from the point which is why you are on TV -while its not a bad thing to make a style statement on a visual medium- keeping things tidy and minimal works all the time.

Wearing white is absolutely bad for TV as she points out that a taped microphone could come off distracting, she also pointed out using jewelries that come with 'noise' as a no no for TV amongst other bits!

She shares more eye opening points of view for styling on a visual medium and the points are ones to take home.