While attempting to correct the misconception trailing the roles of creative director and fashion stylist, the style consultant sheds light on each roles and how they are different from each other while also stressing how a fashion stylist is different from a wardrobe stylist, a personal stylist is different from an editorial stylist, an image consultant and so on.

"I understand very well how and why all these similar roles can be easily confused" shares but there is a difference, "a thin blurred line that’s obviously there, can easily be crossed, and it's normal to work or infuse all these roles into one" meaning one person can decide to carry out multiple roles but their functions differ.

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"A creative director oversees the development process of all creative contents and the creative process itself, follows trend in designs, implementing, advertising, ensures all needs are met and usually has the final creative authority" according to Ojong.

A fashion stylist "works and collaborate with photographers, visual artists, makeup artists and the creative director as well".

Fashion stylists work to oversee production or how the models involved/celebrities look in front of the camera.  The fashion stylist also sources clothes from different designers for photoshoots and ensures that everything used for a photoshoot are well put together.

There are different types of fashion stylist; wardrobe stylist, personal stylist, editorial stylist, costume designer which she goes on to talk about.

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Though sometimes people infuse these roles together meaning a creative director can also be a (any type of )fashion stylist and this is not uncommon but they all operate in different ways.

Listen to her breakdown the different roles in fashion.