Veteran actor,

RMDcontinues to prove that age is only but a number as he donned a blue t-shirt, paired with blue ripped jeans, a jacket and nice shoes. Meanwhile, Jazzy has also been giving us some casual envy as he released photos of himself via Instagram in sweater, denim, plaid shirts, biker leather jackets, Timberland boots and brown chelsea boots.

RMDshared via Instagram, "I used to think dressing up to dinner was for the movies but here I am wearing a kilt for dinner, yet the fool thinks being born in a remote street in Warri can stop you from dinning with Kings, Queens, Presidents and even in Castles but know this: When you dream it, Stay in your lane and Never give up, then and only then can you be anything you want to be. Keep walking.”

The grandfather and lawyer also shared a collage of himself on Instagram showing off his dabbing skills, "Hello Edinburgh!!! A #dab, a smile and we're in... lol #Edinburgh #Scotland @donjazzy where are you at... We waiting on you so we can all #ProgressWithJoy,"

Check out their photos, as they share their journey in Scotland and let us know what you think below.