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From selling out on pieces (for those with R-T-W lines) to creating unique looks that went viral, these ones had a good run.

These brands had a great outing from being spotted on various celebrities, becoming even more popular amongst the stylish crowd, style enthusiasts with their pieces spotted fab all year round in showstopping styles.

These ones- in no particular order- definitely made the news in 2017.

1. Tubo

Tubo was a favourite in 2017. A lot of her designs rocked the body of celebrities and high profile style enthusiasts, creating custom looks that got a lot of attention and media rotations. She had an impressive run.

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2. Fablane By Derin

Fablane by Derin had a good run in 2017, the brand's pieces were seen a lot on top celebrities, their pieces made rounds on social media and the FBD brand was just in everyone's face - in a good way- their R-T-W line sold out at the store launch earlier this year and before November, the brand had so many orders to processed it closed for the year!

3. Toju Foyeh

Toju Foyeh came through creating a lot of avant-gard-ish bridal looks this year. The brand pushed the envelopes and came up with daring designs that were easily spotted around. custom bridal creations pushed TF to the fore for 2017.

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4. Style Temple

2017 was again the year for Style Temple, apart from still being the one behind top looks this year, the Abuja based womenswear brand launched their Spring R-T-W line which was raved few months ago.

5. Lanre Da Silva Ajayi

LDA didn't take a backseat in 2017, the brand's pieces were spotted on more celebrities and a lot of their custom pieces got major mentions this year.

6. Fashpa

Rolling out a premium line and a ready-to-wear line with bold must haves, Fashpa didn't take a back seat this season, the brand came with surprises and definitely delivered on great designs especially with their new range; MEL by Fashpa.

7. Lisa Folawiyo

Lisa Folawiyo's pieces were spotted a lot on celebrities and style enthusiasts all over this season.

8. Mai Atafo

Mai Atafo Inspired pieces came strong for 2017 with top male and female donning creations from the foremost designer. He made a lot of show stopping bridal looks for high profile clients as well. He launched his #followmaiheart campaign just recently, he was sported on major runways as well this year. He sure had a great run.

9. April by Kunbi

April By Kunbi had a creative outing in 2017, the brand especially catered to brides creating showstopping custom made pieces for clients.

10. Orange Culture

Orange Culture pieces were spotted on a lot of high profile celebrities and used in international editorials where some of the looks got a lot of media mentions.