Although last year was a big year for

The Ultra Boost made waves last year, being  named Sneaker of the Year with insanely popular footwear and apparel releases from Kanye West, which spelled  nothing but success for the German sportswear brand.

While Kanye West receives major buzz surrounding his work with the brand, it was Pharrell who really made the money. In 2015, Adidas sold more than 15 million pairs of Superstars and Pharrell contributed mostly.

The trend setter created 50 color-saturated Superstars and the "Supershell" Collection. In addition to the original colors and its collaborations with Pharrell, adidas introduced a whole set of new products like the Primeknit Superstar, the Superstar Xeno, and the "City" Series.

According to Business of Fashion, with Adidas turning the 1970s basketball sneaker into a billion-dollar business itself, the Superstar accounted for $1 every $10 Adidas made last year.

Kanye West has been undeniably beneficial to the Adidas brand, making the brand huge in the U.S. and getting it some street cred, but most of his releases are in more limited supply, leaving resellers to make most of the profit.

Don’t be fooled though, West is playing small ball. All seven of his "Yeezys" to date have sold out immediately.  Meanwhile, he is expensive. Check out the profit and loss, and the Yeezy becomes a marketing exercise more than an instant moneymaker. Adidas also happens to be the most famous sneaker brands on Instagram.