This look consisted of a bespoke suit by Orange Culture (Ordered by appointment ), paired with a silk Adesuwa sleeveless wrap shirt ( SS15) by Orange Culture with pocket square by @postimperial. He finishes off the look with sneakers from @vans. According to Adebayo; "Usually built for business meetings and prospective clients - So usually put my best foot forward - starting the week right."


This time around, Adebayo puts together a silk Adesuwa tunic (SS15) by Orange Culture, paired with wool and cotton mix pants (SS15) by Orange Culture. According to Adebayo; "By Tuesday I'm already done with Blazers (too hot lol) so I turn to something a bit breezier."


This look includes a Cotton Coin print polo shirt (SS14), paired with Oyster linen Coin print and aso-oke cropped pants . According to Adebayo; " Wednesdays are for running around, so I have to be comfortable enough to hop from the market to a meeting."


This outfit involves an Orange layered Chiffon Shirt (SS12), paired with an Orange Culture Fuschia blazer (bespoke - by appointment) and blue denim pants. He finished his look with (AW16) Slip ons made in collaboration with Maxivive. According to Adebayo;  " It's almost the weekend - so my clothes kinda start showing the excitement lol."


This time, Bayo pairs an Adire Adesuwa print shirt with collarless blazer from Orange by Orange Culture and pants by Topman. According to Adebayo; "Friday nights are self explanatory - ready to have fun!"


The final look consists of an Etched journey tee shirt and blue shorts from Topman, paired with sandals from Orange Culture X Shem Paronelli. He accessorized with a bag from Orange Culture X Oeclat. According to Adebayo; "Saturdays for me are super relaxed - I'm always mentally sitting beside an ocean."

This is a really creative way for Adebayo Oke-Lawal to reveal his personality and individual fashion style. We love the looks as they are beautiful and functional. The creative director also revealed that later in the year, bloggers , stylists and many more will be showing you how they'd wear Orange Culture pieces within their week.

What do you think of the creative story book? Which day is your best?