Ojuju Ball: Our favorite and least favorite looks

September 22nd 2022, 1:03:32 pm

Here is our assessment of what celebrities wore to the Ojuju ball.

The worst and best dressed looks [Instagram]

At the premiere of Jade Osiberu’s ‘Brotherhood’, all hands were on deck to create looks for what was called Ojuju ball. Ojuju simply means a monster.

Many celebrities stormed the event in their ojuju costume. A part of us feels very wary of these costume-themed premieres but it helps the publicity of the movie and keeps the conversation going. So, why not?

Diane’s first look was a raffia gown and it was simply a work of art.

Toni looked like a gorgeous and evil countess. We loved it.

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He looked like a masquerade and we found that pretty interesting.

Osas looked like a Nubian queen, let’s face it, she’s never to be caught unfresh.

Tjan looked like the Yoruba god, Obatala, his costume was perfect. He won the best-dressed male and it was well deserved.

These looks are our least favorites because we felt that they simply wore whatever seemed ojuju instead of caring about aesthetics, mobility and presentation.

I love Medlin boss but the mix of feathers and silk just wasn't right for us. We loved the hair and makeup though.

In all honesty, we couldn’t understand the purpose of that thing on her chest.

What’s the point of an outfit if you can’t walk or sit or use the bathroom? What's the point if chicken nibbled on your feet all night long? Even though she won the best-dressed female, the outfit wasn’t functional.

Even though we loved the green look, it just felt off and a bit tacky. Not our best.

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Falz looked like he wanted to get into the groove but got bored along the way.

She went with a Victorian look, we do not see how that is “Ojuju”. Compared to Toni Tones who added a maleficent-like twist to hers.

Temi Iwalaiye
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