As we get ready for the 6th edition of

Nigerian Student Fashion & Design Week is the first visibly known fashion showcase platform in Nigeria dedicated to discovering raw fashion talents, and giving them a unique platform to showcase on an international level.

NSFDW has consecutively focused on recognising emerging fashion designers by bringing their designs to the NSFDW runway, and giving designers the opportunity to be mentored by renowned fashion entrepreneurs.

Since its inception in 2013, NSFDW has showcased over five hundred plus breakout fashion designers, and continues to lead the way in producing innovative, indigenous, and contemporary favourites on the runway.


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Aderayo Aminat Animashaun started her brand “De’rayo” because she got tired of seeing imported fashion products such as shoes, bags, cloths and accessories in the Nigerian market, so she set up a manufacturing company that design and produce creative pieces that celebrate our culture and tell our African stories. African’s rich culture and fabrics inspire her designs. She highlighted her biggest fear when starting out as reaching her target audience and the best way to sell to them.She describes her collection as, “Afrocentric and Impulse” and believes superior finishing, more fashion training and quality of production will go further to place made in Nigerian products a better placing in the international market.

Expect to see a De’rayo collection on NSFDW runway that showcases Afrocentric products that tell the African stories.

Nniu Concept Designs

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Nniu Concept Designs was conceptualised by Nneoma Nwosu whose love for fashion and telling amazing fashion stories through her exquisite designs began a journey of a talented fashion brand. She also cites designers such as Dior as her top fashion inspiration in her career. Her creativity and designs are generally inspired by her everyday lifestyle from African fabrics, to groups of people, trends and even love.For her brand to stand out:“I believe using actual Nigerian/African textile, Nigerian/African art, telling real Nigerian/African stories would definitely leave a mark. Also working with skilled trainable artisans. Collaborative projects with outstanding designers with whom I have a common goal with, staying true to my designs, paying close attention to detail, and also considering the wearer's needs”.On NSFDW/AFWH Partnership:“If given the opportunity to showcase at AFW in Houston, America. I will take advantage and make the right impression to Africans and the international fashion market by showing what Africa/Nigeria is really made of. From our indigenous textiles, to our crafts, to our stories and as much as I'm inspired to incorporate, and infuse all that in such a raw but refined way into my creation. For me, it's about showing our Gold (the African Gold) to the world”.

Twinfingers Fashion

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For Aliyah Abdulazeez & Soliat Abdulazeez of Twinfingers Fashion, being in the fashion industry came naturally as it has been in the family for years. Their biggest fear when starting out was getting a viable location that will meet their aspirations for the brand they are building. They have chosen NSFDW platform to showcase their designs because of its years of building, nurturing and showcasing emerging designers in Nigeria. Their creativity is inspired by Nigerians’ growing consciousness to fashion and seeing other designers creating innovative pieces that inspire a huge market of fashion lovers.On Preparations for NSFDW2018: “Firstly, our collection has been gathered from some designers’ inspirations all combined to form a distinct and different concept, also through teamwork, sharing ideas, time management and delegation and dedication”.


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Nellygrace Chika’s love for Ankara inspired a fashion line, she was able to change the “traditional Ankara” look to a modern vibe for young ladies. Her biggest fear was being able to satisfy women of all shapes and sizes. Chika’s designs are inspired by her clients and social media trends. Her collection will consist of Ankara casual outfits, asoebi lace styles and evening gowns.On Preparations for NSFDW2018: “I have so far worked with my role models online and offline, and have sought advice from those who have been there before. I have also gotten support from professional tailors who are well experienced in drafting and fashion illustration in other to come out with the best I can”.