Menswear enthusiast

The stylish fashion enthusiast styles this unique accessory with a long sleeved purple shirt over white pants and a navy blue loafers and the result is a simple, fashion but sophisticated and grown up finish.

"From time to time, I get new fashion accessories and eventually become obsessed with some of them. My current obsession is the neckerchief" Ifeanyi Okafor Jr. shares.

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Neckerchief "is a type of neckwear associated with scouts, cowboys and sailors but is slowly but surely becoming fashionable to wear one.

The neckerchief "consists of a triangular piece of cloth or a rectangular piece folded into a triangle. The long edge is rolled towards the point, leaving a portion unrolled. The neckerchief can be fastened by tying the ends or with a ring" - the way he styles it in this edit.

In the images, he shows how to style the neckerchief to create a look he describes as "a simple, causal but sophisticated look".

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"I'm wearing a long-sleeved purple shirt, a pair of white trousers and a pair of navy blue loafers. I added the tie-dye neckerchief by Henri Uduku for that dash of individuality".

Guys, what do you think of the neckerchief? Would you add this to your wardrobe as a style accessory?


Photography: Daniel Okon

Neckerchief: Henri Uduku