Christine Kato, who believes femininity isnt as celebrated as it should be, showcases her

Running all through October, Breast Cancer Awareness month is an annual international campaign done to raise awareness and funds towards breast cancer research. In light of this, millions of passionate people around the world make efforts to sensitise more people about breast cancer and raise money in the way that they can.

One of them is Ms. Christine Kato. An avid writer, artist, designer, a human and animal right activist, and feminist, Kato is also the CEO and Creative Director of House of Christine Art and Design, a Nigerian based company which creates Art inspired designs.

In a short interview with Pulse, she tells us how she hopes her art imparts and her thoughts about femininity.

Tell us a bit more about yourself and your art?

I am Ms. Christine Kato and I was born May 2, 1994 in Makurdi, Nigeria — a sociology graduate of the University of Abuja,Nigeria. I hail from Northern Nigeria. My company, House of Christine Art and Designs, is a Nigerian based Art/Fashion company incorporated in November 2016 which creates unique art pieces.

My Art designs are form of expressing oneself. They are an essential ingredient to empowering the hearts of people and a remarkable way of depicting culture all over the world. They also act as therapy to convey memory and hope — to remind us that we can strive to see it appreciate it and have. My self-appreciating art tells stories that are reflection of the society, garnering the attention of people to causes that are otherwise ignored.

House of Christine Art and Designs is all about creating art that people can relate to and showcase with confidence. Delicately crafted to every ornamental detail, they convey the message about the inspiration of the design. All designs are the first of its kind, all intellectual properties of House of Christine arts and designs and are subject to patents.

Femininity is a huge theme behind your designs. Can you expatiate?

I think femininity isn't as celebrated as I think it should be — femininity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Women should see themselves for the magnificent beings they have been created to be. They must tap into their potentials and transform it in power and they must learn to embrace their true uniqueness and love themselves. A woman who embraces her femininity is a woman who knows her power to chase her dreams and soar high!

What message do you intend to pass across with this design for Breast Cancer Awareness month?

The inspiration behind the design emanates from a feminist view: a revolution — the need to empower women to reclaim, celebrate and embrace their bodies. It is also inspired by the need to display the power of femininity, to create awareness about issues affecting women and to make femininity look fierce to celebrate womanhood.

October is breast cancer awareness month and there is no better time to celebrate the design than now!

Although there has been a lot of contention and controversy over the breast handbag design, some received it positively while others negatively. It has been causing a lot of stir, with attacks here and there. My staff is also under attack and have been told to cut ties with me.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm stubborn. I go for what I want! I fight for what I believe in! I'm an artist! I love what I do! I am unique! I am bold and daring! The more attacks I receive, the more I'm motivated I am to push on. This is my world I rule it!