The plus-size industry has grown exponentially over the last few years with many brands seeing the value in inclusivity. As a result, the number of plus-size models has also grown and we bring you the top 5

Anita Marshall

Plus-size model, Anita Marshall has had quite the illustrious career. Working for practically every curve brand going, Anita's face is as well-known as it is beautiful.

Speaking to Paper magazine about how she reconciles the opinions of others with how she feels about herself, Anita said, "My advice for young girls is to never give up and to always stay true to yourself. I almost let the opinion of one person have control over my career.

As for anyone wanting to be more body-positive (not just women!) it all beings from within. I was searching for acceptance from society and the people around me, when it was me who I really needed to get it from."

Philomena Kwao

Philomena is the very definition of black girl magic. The British-Ghanaian model is one of the most unique models in today's plus-size industry and has been a vocal advocate for body positivity and speaks very candidly about her experiences in the industry.

Speaking to ELLE magazine, Philomena said:

I think that the plus-size industry has been great with size diversity, but it hasn't really been great for skin tone diversity. I still feel segregation along skin tone. There's not many models in the U.S. that have my depth, like, really dark skin, that are also plus size. Skin colour has been one of those things we haven't really, really addressed on a large, widespread scale.

The fashion industry and plus-size industry on all fronts have been quite slow. With straight-size modelling they've made strides because they use darker-skinned models like Alek Wek. They show how dark skin can be beautiful; it may not be as frequently as we would like, but they have at least made that step. When I started, there was only one other girl that I could name that was even close to my shade.

I didn't understand why there weren't more black plus-size models with darker skin tones. It feels like the final frontier of beauty is to be black, to be plus, to have natural hair. It's the final acceptable form of beauty, whether it's in modelling or TV or film, and it's something we need to talk about.

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Rose Concencion

Signed to JAG models, Rose is definitely a face to watch out for. Go to any plus-size retailer and you are guaranteed to spot Rose's face smiling back at you. The gorgeous young, model is a staple on the plus-size scene modelling for everyone from Rue 107 to Espirit. The British-Ghanaian beauty who splits her time between London and New York is steadily building her career.

Speaking in an interview, Rose had this to say about inclusion and wanting plus-size people to be seen as simple people:

I just hope that we can include more and more plus models in to daily commercials and campaigns. We are just people! So let's represent people we see on a day to day.  I just pray it doesn't become a phase and that this movement is here to stay.

I also like how social media is having a play with more people sharing their views and images of what their shapes are and how they feel. No longer relying on the magazines to tell us how to be of feel about our bodies.

Tabria Majors

Tabria Majors has been on the modelling scene for a long time working with a range of plus-size brands but she got her big break earlier this year when she scored a highly-coveted spread in the world-famous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Following in the steps of stars like Ashley Graham, Tabria Majors was one of the few plus-size models to grace the pages of the mag.

Speaking to her loyal Instagram followers after learning she had been selected, Majors said, “Words can’t even describe how excited I am about this opportunity, but I want to thank aaaallllll of you guys bc I couldn’t have gotten here without you.”

Vivian Eyo-Ephraim

Vivian caused quite a stir earlier this year when he appeared on the ASOS website modelling a bright yellow bikini for their ASOS Curve range. The melanin-rich model went viral because so many young women resonated with her and her body type.

ASOS has been hailed as being one of the only big retailers that is committed to diversity and inclusivity by working with a wide range of models.

Speaking to Refinery 29 on her new found fame, Vivian said, "I had no idea it would go viral, but I’m so grateful and excited that so many people all over the world are supporting me. I hope the industry sees this and makes a more positive direction in terms of inclusiveness for plus and curve models.”

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