Lagosians stay keeping up with the Joneses! Have you been out and about in Lagos and your designer bag/shoe won you new 'friends'? Then you'd probably relate.

I was scrolling through Instagram one day and stumbled on a post advertising Christian Louboutin heels 'at a giveaway price'. I dared expand the caption and behold the pair with tomato red soles (must be the 'red-dest' CL have designed NOT) stared right back at me with a price tag of twenty-five thousand naira (N25,000)! Even a third hand Loubs wouldn't retail for that price.


People ladies especially tend to keep up these days, I have met a person ( a few actually) who has one or two Hermès Birkin (the holy Grail of designer bags) amongst other top designer brands - a lot of Gucci and Celine bags as well- but stays in a rented apartment even the car she drives everyday is hired!

I am by no means against owning key designer pieces afterall with most Chanel bags those can turn out to be investment ( you get to sell them off at pretty high(er) prices or hand them down to your kids as they are usually timeless) but why go through all the stress to be accepted in the society Lagos circle only to be ridiculed later when they discover you are broke afterall.

Then there is an influx of fake designer bags (made in China- Ali Baba was recently dragged to court for selling Louis Vuitton, Chanel and more knockoffs) that ladies parade these days so as to be reckoned with. A popular blogger shared images of her 'authentic' designer bags on Instagram recently and was dragged online as the bags couldn't be confirmed original.

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Giuseppe Zanotti, Celine, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Valentino and more that are sold to credible buyers/long standing customers are now advertised like canned milk all over social media these days with ridiculously cheap price tags and you wonder how in someone's perfect state of mind they think they would own a Zannoti at that ridiculous price? Be smart and check Florence H or Polo Avenue for heads up on 'real prices' as guides before you scoop that 30k Louboutin!

Except for few credible personal shoppers and these are people who know the genuine pieces, are on the mailing lists of these designers, get discount offers and are privy to private sales who are able to get you these luxury items charging around 10% of the entire shopping price which is fair enough!

I had a conversation with a close expert recently (she's a sort of a celeb- doing extremely well with her businesses thankfully and well known within the Lagos circle) and she noted how sad it is that making friends these days require you portraying some sort of image namely designer bags, shoes, designer dresses, holidays abroad (documented on IG as well) for you to be accepted.

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A confused me asked why would anyone put themselves under so much strain and simply smiled and said you obviously don't care to belong! (to what? to whom? i kept asking in my heart, oh well)

It's not uncommon that these days designer bags and shoes are conversation starters which is good but why do horrible things (topic for another day) to get these items. Lets not start with the way Christian Louboutin heels with an authentic pair retailing from as low as around two hundred thousand naira (N200,000) is thrown around by everyone, what happens to Zara, Asos and more alternatives if you can't afford those? By all means style doesn't mean breaking the bank of sleeping around or doing other horrible things to keep up.

(I will hook you up with fabulous shopping websites-not even Asos- to own unique pieces from in a future post, you'd thank me later) There are fab alternatives to luxury goods till you can afford them and they look good and tasteful.

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Who needs fake friends who hang (expensive) everything on like its going out of fashion?Style is effortless, class is not forced and no amount of Hermès Birkin can buy that. Remember that when you fabulously add those new season Zara holdall in the cart.

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