So I got a random call after my weekly column

I listened to every word and I told him to please go back again to the article. (this came after I had a funny conversation with another 'anonymous' fashion enthusiast months ago who after I'd written on 'Why Should I pick a Nigerian brand over ASOS' called to tell me how wrong I was! I simply told her to go back to the article and read PROPERLY, she was courteous enough to call back to tell me she spoke after seeing just the headline!)

The call didn't come entirely as a shock as I've gotten used to this in recent times, though some get to read the write up again to 'get the point' but some take away what they want to and it's fine.

I've noticed that constructive criticism (or any kind of) isn't taken well in Nigeria, it's quickly termed as 'haters' talking even when you're 'genuinely' trying to help people get better, people just refuse to see the bigger picture.

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I should also state here that I have helped new brands find their feet and gotten them published (I wish I could share a screen shot of lookbooks nestled in my email/the amount I go through per day) and take time to coach/ advise and offer PR services to help the brand and creatives FREE OF CHARGE every single time.

I get calls a lot of time asking for assistance in any way to push brands with a recent call (and emails I think) from an upcoming style blogger for mentorship-  first of all apologies for not reaching back to you, I have been swamped (if you see this please get back in touch) I digress.

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As a creative director/fashion designer in Nigeria you have to take it all in, hunger for more and improve on your craft every minute - you might be overthrown in a minute- It's important for you to learn and if it comes in form of seemingly terrible feedback, sit back  take look at what's addressed and improve instead of sitting around and basking in the euphoria of a web of nought.

If you're self taught look for ways to improve, if you have to learn the craft by all means do so, go to a fashion school you can afford, intern at places and with designers who inspire you and actually learn something and practise before you attempt to 'launch your own brand and become a celebrity'.

People are so obsessed with getting an 'undertone' from sometimes harmless comments and corrections, no one is an island and if you ever get someone who would rather be in your bad books by telling you the truth or someone that sings your praise all the time (I'll gladly go with the former) then there's a problem.

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Stop over thinking corrections and constructive criticisms, get better and stop whining else you'd be done before you even start!

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