Wait a minute, shouldn’t that be the yardstick for appraising beauty in this part of the world? How the men prefer their women? Why then the borrowed stereotype that views skinny as more beautiful?

Why do we majorly find skinny models on beauty platforms. This mounts too much pressure on African women to lose all the weight and thickness that the men find really attractive.

A lot however is rapidly changing. More curvy women are coming out of their shells, more self-awareness and the global society has become more expressive of how they celebrate curvy women.

Yet, until now there’s not been any major platform for curvy girls in Nigeria, and Africa at wide;

Miss Body Of Art Nigeria, the curvy girl’s dream
Miss Body Of Art Nigeria, the curvy girl’s dream

The Miss Body of Art Nigeria pageant springs up with a very clear message and propaganda to deliver quality platform to curvy girls, and plus size in a wider bracket, helping them achieve their dreams. Barely even started with a level of creativity and genuine passion the MBOAN pageant,( her maiden coronation finale happening in less than a week from now), has grabbed the attention of many curvy young women in the country. Their audience is fast increasing and rippling into other parts of Africa.

What is also interesting about the pageant is how it seeks to empower young women, highlights and promotes socio-economic self development in a time where young girls are predominantly swayed in the trend of the inappropriate capitalizing of their bodies.

Miss Body Of Art Nigeria, the curvy girl’s dream
Miss Body Of Art Nigeria, the curvy girl’s dream

Though pageants don’t stand the test of time in Nigeria.They show up today and fizzle out tomorrow. Maybe the Miss Body of Art Nigeria is here to stay; or maybe because of its genuine cause and vision it could be around for a very long time.

What we know is it truly and immediately could be the new face of African beauty and pageantry in this black continent.

We are watching. After all curvy women are fun to watch, or don’t you agree?

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