The Mercedes Benz fashion week in South Africa has been going on for about a week now and will come to an end on Sunday, March 13, 2016. There are a number of Nigerian models walking the runways and Pulse caught up with them to get their thoughts on working in South Africa.

In talking to the Nigerian models working in South Africa for the

1.) Why SA:

It turns out that Nigerian models come to work in South Africa to build their portfolios. The infrastructure in South Africa seems to be well suited for that cause. Models from a lot of other countries also do the same thing.

2.) Competition:

When asked how Nigerian models measure up to South African models, it was revealed that there is in fact, no bad blood, as they all get to go to the same castings. However, the Nigerians have great look, as the average Nigerian is taller that the average south African and they do not have too many dark skinned models with the 'model figure' that's a little more common with Nigerians.

3.) Racial issues:

The models disclosed that they don’t really encounter racial issues during their work period. As for fashion shows in SA being most times dominated by White models, they didn’t think this was true. Rather, it appears that designers simply choose models that can best describe their brand and relate to the market that they are trying to reach.

4.) All up to you:

Not only did we learn that getting international jobs as a Nigerian model up to your hard work, consistency, drive and passion, the models shared the criteria for being chosen for great work repeatedly:

*Your physique

*A great walk

*Length in the industry

*How flexible you are

*Designers opinions

Check out the gallery above of some Nigerian models, including Janet Otobo, Julia Otobo, Adebisi Showemim, Emy Ozori, Uju Chimezie, Amaka Chirah, Hauwa Dauda, Anthony Bukola, Bertha Amuga, Jite Okotie and Victoria walking the runway in South Africa and let us know what you think.