The loafer is a timeless and skillful blend of comfort and flair. Unlike the Oxfords, loafers are often widely underrated. The lace less look makes them practical, and with plenty of options to work for everyone's taste.

Loafers are made using one of two fabrics: leather or suede, each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Leather loafers have a sleek and shiny finish that work for smart looks, like a full suit or smart-casual tailored separates combination. Meanwhile, Suede should be specially reserved for the spring/summer months. Here are the 3 types of loafers:

1.) The Penny Loafer: This is a preppy footwear classic. “The beauty of the penny loafer is its versatility; the shoe can be dressed up or down easily and works with most outfits,” says Gilad Yogev of G.H. Bass & Co. it works for both summer suiting and casual or smart-casual looks.

2.) The Tassel Loafer: It shows off an elegant, dressy shoe design with practicality. Today, the most famous model is the cordovan. Unlike most leather shoes made from calfskin, cordovan loafers are crafted using a layer of a horse’s rump. Cordovan is also the least porous of leathers, and so highly sought after, which is why they cost about $700 for a pair by Brooks Brothers.

3.) The Horsebit Loafer: This is the definitive dress loafer. A brand which does them very well is luxury Italian label Gucci. With a brass strap in the shape of a horse’s snaffle, the Horsebit takes its hints from equestrian wear. The Horsebit's attraction is its refinement. The Horsebit finishes off a formal look quite well.

Here are a few hints for wearing the loafers:

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